Important things to consider when buying headphones

Keep in mind these factors when you're searching for a new pair of headphones. 1. Brand Without mentioning specific brands, headphones are regularly judged before they are ever worn — sometimes it is warranted; other times it isn't. In general, it is best to avoid celebrity-endorsed headphones (unless you only care about fitting in and nothing else). These headphones are generally to be avoided because they are typically overpriced and have poor dynamic range; additionally, these kinds of headphones often have huge marketing budgets, which means there is less money to spend on making the headphones on the same quality level as dedicated unaffiliated audio brands. [Read More]

What Benefits Can You Enjoy from a Structured Cabling System?

In a modern office, the importance of the cabling system is hard to overestimate. If you haven't yet heard of structured cabling, you might want to investigate the matter and decide whether it makes the right choice for your office. In a traditionally point-to-point cabling system, patch cables run directly to and from each piece of hardware, resulting in something of a pell-mell appearance, with lots of separate patch cables running along your network cabinets. [Read More]

2 Quick Ways to Conduct Formative Assessments in Your Classroom

More and more of today's teachers are becoming increasingly aware of the importance of 'personalised learning'. Gone are the days where children who struggled to learn at the standard pace were told, "Tough luck!". Now, educators are trying to make sure that every child in the classroom learns as much as they can, even if they can't learn as fast as their classmates. Of course, in order to ensure every student achieves competency in every subject, you have to assess them on each topic. [Read More]