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Important things to consider when buying headphones

Keep in mind these factors when you're searching for a new pair of headphones.

1. Brand

Without mentioning specific brands, headphones are regularly judged before they are ever worn — sometimes it is warranted; other times it isn't. In general, it is best to avoid celebrity-endorsed headphones (unless you only care about fitting in and nothing else). These headphones are generally to be avoided because they are typically overpriced and have poor dynamic range; additionally, these kinds of headphones often have huge marketing budgets, which means there is less money to spend on making the headphones on the same quality level as dedicated unaffiliated audio brands. On the other hand, audio brands with a long history of creating quality headphones are more likely to release outstanding headphones at a reasonable price.

2. Reviews

Like most things, reviews are crucial when it comes to headphones. To be on the safe side, try to absorb multiple reviews from different sources; a review from a company's website will almost always be hand-picked and biased. Product reviews on Amazon and YouTube are good starts, and be sure to listen for things that overlap what you want in a good set of headphones.

Another problem with headphones is that you can't really sample them before buying them. Most retailers understandably aren't going to let you try headphones before you buy them, since the product will no longer be 'new'; moreover, there are hygienic reasons for not allowing this. If you have friends with headphones that you are interested in, you might like to ask them to have a listen to assess if the sound is up to your standards. If they accept, try to use a broad range of songs that have a high bit rate.

3. Price

Setting yourself a budget for audio equipment is very important, and headphones are no exception. Like a lot of electronics, you get a lot of budget and mid-range headphones, but there is also a small group of headphones targeted at rich audiophiles. Even if you have the money to afford such headphones, you may want to carefully consider how you prioritise your money. You can still buy excellent headphones around the $150 mark. There are plenty of mid-range headphones that will provide good all-around sound, and they are designed to stand the test of time.

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