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What Are the Benefits of an Integrity Access Control System?

As security systems move into the digital age, technology becomes central to their workings, and the information collected that is connected with them becomes important as well.

Keeping people safe has always been a challenge, whether it is in someone's home or a university campus. The threats could come from the possibility of being burgled, of being attacked, experiencing a fire or being exposed to dangerous substances or pesticides.

The challenges can be huge, depending upon the environment that is being looked after.

A security system can be simple as a lock on the door through to a massive system of CCTV cameras, smart locks and fingerprint-enabled local access.

Integrated Access Control

Integrated access control essentially takes any security system one stage further in that it allows for remote access and control of the system, and storage of the information around who is using the system.

It is probably best used in areas where there is already a vulnerability acknowledged, and some type of digital security system is in place.

Integrated access control can often work with the existing security system and may involve either updating or replacing certain elements of it.

The real value that it brings that it integrates all areas of technology being used into one unified system. It can determine who has access and who does not and can be very flexible in terms of changing security levels and needs.

An integrated access control system can normally be used with a wide range of cards, readers, locks and detectors. Some systems also the use of badges and smartphones.

More advanced systems may require the use of biometrics, such as eye-reading technology.

Uses of Integrated Access Control

These systems are about security in its widest context.

They combine maximum levels of safety, with tightly controlled but flexible mechanisms of who can access the system, and allows that data to be kept and used for any relevant purposes and may arise.

This may be something like a data breach or simply analysis of the effectiveness of a system.

These systems are widely used in many types of commercial, academic and government agencies. They range from software used in all types of businesses, elevator and lift systems, lighting control systems, home automation systems, fire alarm systems and asset tracking systems.

Data Protection

Data protection laws can differ significantly from country to country, with information that is stored in the cloud often being subject to any different jurisdictions and data protection implications.

Aside from making systems more secure and providing mechanisms for more flexible and safe access, integrated access control allows for a wide range of information to be collected and stored offsite.

This information can be of huge benefit to a company or government department, especially if there is a type of breach of the system, either physical or digital.

Given the amount of information collected, there needs to be consideration built into the system of how this information will be stored and kept, for how long, where it will be physically and who it will be operated by.

For more information, contact a company that sells systems like integrity access control systems.