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Factors to Consider When Picking a CCTV Camera to Install

Due to security concerns in homes and businesses, it has become essential for property owners to seek CCTV service. Luckily, technology advancements are making it easier for businesses and homes to get much-needed security through CCTV installation. However, the CCTV security system you choose determines the kind of service you'll get. Today's market has multiple types of surveillance cameras with different technology, features and abilities. How do you choose the best security system that suits your budget and security needs?

Types of CCTV security systems

Before discussing the factors you should consider when choosing a CCTV camera system, it's vital to know the types of security systems you'll find in the market. Dome cameras are a popular choice and are often used for indoor surveillance applications. Their dome housings are designed to make the cameras visible, not covert. Though the cameras are visible, its dome shape makes it difficult for people to know the direction the camera is facing, making it suitable for deterring criminals.

For long-distance viewing, consider getting bullet cameras. They have a long, tapered and cylindrical shape and do not tilt or zoom — rather, they point at a particular area and capture images of that specific area. These cameras can be used indoors and outdoors.

Day/night cameras are also helpful in normal and poorly-lit areas. The cameras don't come with infrared illuminators since they are designed to capture explicit videos regardless of the light conditions or darkness. This feature makes them suitable for outdoor applications.

Factors to consider when selecting CCTV cameras

Basic camera abilities

As you choose a security camera, be sure to consider the wide-angle degree, lens size and data storage memory. Lens size directly determines how far the camera can view the target subject (focal length), while the wide-angle lens determines the vision field and reduces the focal length when the angle widens. Different cameras also come with various data storage sizes. Note that storage capacity can always be increased by procuring hard drives.

Camera type

The market offers three main forms of cameras: entry-level analog, high definition (HD) and Internet Protocol cameras. Understand the features and cost of each type before making a choice.


Investing in a security system can be costly, so make sure the cameras you buy last a long time. Be wary of some small retailers that sell unbranded cameras that last a few months and fail. Reputable security companies sell surveillance cameras that come with multiple-year warranties. This way, you're assured of getting quality services for longer.