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Diagnosing Problems With a Business Telephone System

A working telephone system is vital to any modern business. If your business is having a problem with its telephone lines, it could result in your staff being unable to use the internet, to call clients on the phone, to receive important faxes or to answer calls from customers. All of this could have a serious impact on your ability to operate. Below is a guide which will help you to diagnose the type of fault your phone service is experiencing.

A connection problem with a single telecommunications device

If you notice that one phone, fax machine or other device isn't working properly. You should move it to another part of the office and plug it into another socket. If the device begins to work, you will know that the problem is with the original socket and line. However, if the device still does not work, you should plug it into a socket which you know is operational for other similar devices. If the device fails, it is likely that the problem will lie with that particular piece of equipment rather than being a wider systems fault.

A bad line which affects every telecommunications device

A bad line can cause severe frustration for both your staff and your customers. No one wants to be trying to communicate on a telephone line which crackles with static and makes it hard to hear what is being said and could cause your fax machine and internet service to crash. It is likely customers will become annoyed with this and hang up. A bad line is most likely caused by a broken or faulty telephone wire. To check if the problem is with the internal telephone system or with the outside line which connects your building to the main telephone exchange, you will need to find the master socket. 

The master socket is usually located on the interior wall near the point where the external telephone line enters the building. If you are unsure which socket is the master socket, you can simply trace the path of the external telephone line to locate it. Once you have located it, you need to plug in a working telephone handset. If you can still hear a crackling on the line, this suggests the problem is external to your building. However, if the line sound clear, this suggests that the damaged wiring is located within your buildings telephone system.

If you have any concerns about your business's telecommunications systems, you should contact a phone service, such as One Step Ahead Communications.